YiFaa Industrial Co., Ltd. is the overall solution solver and manufacturer of intelligent mechanical and technological equipment as a leader in the same field. It was established in 1990, focusing on mechanical equiment processing and insisting on operating stably, keeping creating and opening to cooperate, providing competitive technology solutions, products and service to various enterprise, especially in the area of plastics and waste plastics processing. The company devotes all its energy to developing envioamental protection resources for human, keeping the way all the time and leading technology creation. Now, the business is in Hongkong, Taiwan, southeast area and all over the world. From reform and opening, especially from the 15th National Congress, it transforms traditional industry through informatization and follows a new path of industrialization, transfers development ways and uses large scale transforming skills to make company develop fast. No matter in firm scale, technology level, manufacturer ability, marketing management or cultural construction, it grow large and fast. It successfully turns into intelligent machining from techology of mechanical processing plastics, whose ability in solving-solution plan is competitive, which leads in the same peer. As grow for 20 years, makes what skills in Yifaa are. The staffs in this enterprise are patient, careful, practical, hard-working, focused, created, keeping improving and developing. Besides, it is nice of them to offer more superior, suited and competitive intelligent machanical processing technological solution plan under contributing to helping most small business transformation and promotion.

Customers as center——Yifaa is to satisfy customers’ need as standard of balance work effectiveness, which provides competitive products and service to guests. As well, it has a skillful and dedicated-to-work service team in pre-sells and after-sells, offering efficient and good service.

Safe environmental protection and resource recovery——Yifaa concern fully about human’s safety and health as well as environmental safety and resources recovery. It serious mix safety concept of environmental protection and resources regeneration with every product and service to provide products and services meeting the criterion of safety and environmental protection .

Technological creativeness——As a leader in the future or at home, offering competitive cosmetics and service is the developed idea of Yifaa. It also pays attention to large research spending and strengthens cooperation with domestic institutions among companies, scientific research institutions and high schools, studying constantly, innovate technology, optimizating technique to create competitive products and service in the same trade area in order to meet customers’ needs. At present, Yifaa has 11 independent intellectual property rights at the field of plastics’ processing machinery and equipment.

Promote business smooth development——Yifaa insists on opening, cooperating,sharing, being proactive and partner in up- and downstream sectors as well as business cooperation innovation and enlarge industry value to form healthy and normal industry ecosystem. It joins in trade standard organizition and high tech enterprises association currently so that it takes the corresponding responsibilities. It also takes responsibilities actively and pratices seriously with the same profession to promote business smooth development.

Striving and development——Yifaa persist in human centered in respecting talents, training talents, accomplish talents and return talents. It evaluates employees and chooses leaders under their responsibility contribution as providing developing platform and opportunity to grow fast. Meanwhile, it makes employees work hard and get what they deserve. Yifaa, insisting on the main road for 20 years, refuses any temptation; never cuts across, encourages to go forward and accumulate; insists customers as the center as well as works hard and criticize self.

Form yesterday to today, until future, we will always keep hard-working and creating in machinery industry and look forward to sharing our happiness with all friends. “strict management, valuing quality, keeping safe and exploring benefit” is my company aim while “ offering high-quality products, improving after-sells service” is my company operation principle. We welcome new and old customers and counterparts warmly to come here to guide, buy and cooperate so that open market and create good future with you.
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